Posted by: wheelywonka | July 28, 2010

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night

…The title of this being an excerpt of a poem that is often falsely credited with being the creed of the US Postal Service.   I’m using it to apply to how you need to train for something like a two-day, 165 mile bike ride (like, for example, the upcoming Ride to the River), or maybe a full or half marathon (like, for example, the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon).   Of course, it’s wonderful to ride your bike or run when the weather is cool and the sky is blue and endless and there’s gentle breeze that always seems to be pushing you forward.   That’s the easy part of being a recreational athlete getting your body into the type of shape it needs to be in to raise money for really great causes.  It gets a little more difficult when the temperatures rise to triple digits, or when the South Texas climate decides to go medieval on you with rain during your scheduled Wednesday night ride.   It’s at times like this when it easy to say, “I’ll skip a day.  I don’t really need to run/ride today – I think I’ll sit on the couch and inhale cheese balls.”  Well that my friends is the wrong answer.   When it’s too hot or too wet to exercise outdoors, then find a spin class or a tread mill or something indoors that allows you to maintain your conditioning program and achieve your fitness goals.    Otherwise, one cheese ball leads to another, and before you know it, you can’t get off that couch… 

Speaking of getting off the couch: For next 5 days I’m heading to Las Vegas, the adult playground in the desert, to attend a computer security conference.  This time of year, because of daytime temps that can reach 120 degrees in the shade, this is a place that is incredibly hostile to folks who like to work out in the great outdoors.   Not only is it hot as hell, there are many indoor distractions involving most of the seven deadly sins that I can assure you do not contribute to your fitness goals.     I’m no monk – I can assure you that after I sit through day after day of workshops, I will partake in more than a little of these distractions the city is known for at night.  But I’ll also make a daily visit to the hotel fitness center to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in.  They may have slot machines by the ellipitical machines and video poker on the treadmills, but you are still getting a workout.  It may not the same as a four-hour weekend ride with your mates, but hey, it’s something, and it keeps your body in a training rhythm. 

See ya’ on the road when I get back next week!

P.S. If you are curious just what the seven deadly sins are, click here (gotta’ luv that Wikipedia…)

Keep your eye on the treadmill, keep your eye on the treadmill...


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