Posted by: wheelywonka | August 17, 2010

The Joy That Keeps on Giving, What’s with the Retro Blog?

Well, I read over the blog I wrote last Saturday, and I have to admit it was pretty grim.  All I did was whine about how hot it was, and how much pain it inflicted on me.    This is supposed to be a blog that documents the fun and frivolity of training for the upcoming Ride to the River, and I made it sound like a some cheap horror movie.  Well, let me make amends a bit with this short blog…

Tonight I got home, and the house was surprisingly empty and quiet.  The dogs were snoozing in the corner, unaware I was there, and the wife and son were out doing school-related things.   This meant I had that rare treat – some me time.    I curled up in my favorite lazy boy with a pile of books, magazines, and newspapers, and spent 90 blissful minutes enjoying the incandescent magic that is the English language .   At around 7:30 I was feeling a little restless.  I got my gear on, hopped on my Trek 4300, and pedaled over to ye old neighborhood park (aka, Walker Ranch) to ride the trails.   After the blast furnace  I experienced for 50 miles on Saturday, this was absolute cycling bliss.  The temperatures had dropped into the 90s, there was a light evening breeze, and I got to enjoy the shade of all the trees and brush along the trails.  There is something magical about being in the woods at dusk.  The animals are a lot more active – I saw more deer than I could count, a few rabbits, and one hawk – and the setting sun creates incredible patterns of light and shadow through the gaps in the trees.    Walker Ranch is not a big park, but it is a quick 1.5 miles from my garage to the trailhead, and it has a nice mix of trails and pavement.  It even has  a cool elevated walkway over the creek that feels like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.   After 10 miles of enjoying every nook and cranny of the park, I was ready to head home.  Not an intense workout (I’m sure my heart rate never got above 120, even on the hills), but a wonderfully relaxing hour in the woods.   It reminded me once again that cycling is (drum roll, please) – the joy that keeps on giving.

See ya’ on the road! (And the trail…)

P.S.  People have asked me, “Yo Wheely – what’s with all the words? ”  Well, I’m trying to be intentionally retro with this blog.   I’m including very few photos and links, and using a whole lot of adjectives and adverbs, something that is unheard in the era of the 140 character Twitterverse.   Hopefully my faithful readers (both of you!) will find this refreshing.    Researchers are starting to talk about the limited attention spans and constant distractions of people who spend a lot of time on-line – they refer to it as “continuous partial attention”.   People are even installing software that blocks them from using the Internet during the times when they need to get something done.   The slow food movement was an attempt to get people to savor the flavor of food again – maybe the slow blog movement will help people savor the English language again…

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