Posted by: wheelywonka | September 15, 2010

20 for 20

 …My son and I are huge sports fans.  One of our favorite sports shows on TV is ESPN’s 30 for 30, which is a series of 30 documentaries by 30 renowned filmmakers.   (They’ve all been good, but if you haven’t seen The Two Escobars yet, you don’t know what you’re missing…)  For some reason I thought about this Tuesday night when I joined the newVcrew of Velo Valero for a ride on the southwest part of town.  (Editor’s Note:  The newVcrew is our new rider program, which is designed to help new and nearly new team members become more confident cyclists…)   My midweek ride is usually the Hillfest on Wednesday with da’ boyz, but I joined the Tuesday ride, because, well, there’s no other way to say this – they were providing burgers and beer at the end of the ride.  (Hey – this training stuff doesn’t have to be all work).   We started at the Exxon Station at 211 and 471 at 6:15, and in order to get back before it was dark plus have time to eat and schmooze, we did a short 20 mile out and back along 471 to the general store in Rio Medina.   Well, after two months of long, grueling, hilly rides all over the north side of town, doing a short ride on the flat, unbelievably smooth pavement of FM 471 was absolutely exhilarating.   As a result, we really turned on the jets for most of the evening.  I was in a two person pace line with long time member Lori F for most of the ride, taking turns at the lead to share the workload.  On the way out, we averaged 22 mph, much of it into a blustery crosswind.   On the return trip, we slowed down a bit as the wind increased, but still averaged 20 mph overall for the 20 mile route. 

So, yes, it was a 20 for 20 night – hence, the admittedly weak connection to ESPN’s 30 for 30.  And oh yes, the burgers, beer, and camaraderie of my fellow riders (including long time team members Grace, Jacque, and Dora, along with a rare appearance by the Ladies Man himself) was really special, one of the things that draws me back to cycling year after year.

Hanging with the newVcrew before the Tuesday night ride

Just three training weekends left until the Ride to the River are you ready?  If you’re looking for a training option this weekend, the city of Lavernia has it’s annual Hammerfest on Saturday, which is an organized ride with 1000+ riders that uses some of the same roads the Ride to the River uses, so it’s a great tune-up.

See ya’ on the road!

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