Posted by: wheelywonka | September 19, 2010

A Time To Heal

…well, because of the rain and a whole lot of non-cycling things on my schedule, I did not do a ride this weekend. I know, I know – after preaching the importance of training faithfully to prepare for the Ride to the River, I have become (however briefly) a slacker. And you know what, that’s not a bad thing. It was Velo Valero’s official team nurse and spin instructor, Donna E, that taught me the importance of recovery in your training program. You need to spend a week or so recovering after training hard for an event, you need to recover in the first few hours immediately following the event, and you should spend some time recovering during the event – i.e., sucking wheel in the slipstream near the end of a paceline to give your muscles and lungs a rest. So, this weekend I’m coasting a bit, which allowed me to –

  • Attend the thrilling Churchill vs. Judson High School football game Friday night, where I watched the Chargers gamble for the win in overtime by going for two on the extra point, and the quarterback falling just a few painful inches short of the goal line (click here for a great photo of the final play)
  • Spend the day in the rain at Fiesta Texas with my two nieces – ages 3 and 8 – during our company picnic, and enjoying every minute of it (especially the free cotton candy and multiple iterations of da’ Scooby Doo ride)
  • Make homemade pizzas with the aforementioned nieces Saturday night, and then watch the Longhorns grunt it out against the Texas Tech Raiders (sure miss that high-scorin’ Colt McCoy spread offense)
  • And, later today, attend the San Antonio Opera (don’t ask) and then Jazz Alive in Travis Park, including a performance by the always entertaining Urban 15 dance troop at 8:00 pm. (Editor’s Note: The Godmother of Team Velo Valero, aka Sylvia R, is a member of Urban 15.)

So, take some time to recover during your training. It helps you reenergize and refocus, and gives you strength when you need it to finish that century or that marathon.

See ya’ on the road!

With the Godmother at last years Jazz Alive. And yes, that is the loudest Hawaiin shirt on the planet...



  1. […] the slowdown in cycling.  I tried to rationalize it as a need to rest in last week’s blog A Time to Heal, but now I understand the real cause.   It is a funk that is the direct result of my son’s […]

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