Posted by: wheelywonka | September 26, 2010

The Joy of Urban Cycling Adventures on the East Side of Town

I mentioned this in a blog a few weeks ago – i.e., the idea that there are great cycling adventures you can do inside the city.   This afternoon I headed out on a short, eight-mile sojourn on the east side of downtown San Antonio.  I was actually doing reconnaissance for a brand new Halloween ride I’m contemplating that includes the new Hays Street Bridge,  all those incredible cemeteries overlooking the city, and ending with a visit to the new 13th Floor Haunted House.   The weather was cool, I was on my Fat Tire (aka, the Trek 4300), and I had the spectral music of the Welsh witch Enya on the buds enhancing the ghoulish mood.   I started and ended at the San Antonio Museum of Art, which allowed me to sneak in and see the new photography exhibit after the ride.  I’ll keep this blog short and sweet, because a new season of The Simpsons is starting tonight and I can’t miss that, plus I have a date on the back porch later with a good cigar and my friend Sam Adams.  I’ll conclude with a few photos from my urban adventure.  (NOTE:  I apologize for the low resolution – these photos were taken with my iPhone 3g..)

Google Earth view of my route

Sign outside of the Lutheran portion of the cemetary

Tomb of the Unknown Dead in the military section of the cemetary, with the city skyline in the background

Tagging the Friedrich Air Conditioning Building on Commerce Street

Way scary entrance to the 13th Floor Haunted House

My faithful Trek next to one of my favorite all time phrases on the wall in the SAMA parking lot



  1. The ride sounds awesome. Send us pics of any bad costume you see along the way!

  2. Your idea is intriguing. Hope you do it the weekend before Halloween.

    See you on the road.

  3. […] drives around the area.  A bicycle ride through the area is described on the Wheely Wonka blog.  […]

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