Posted by: wheelywonka | October 31, 2010

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Running For…

Well, the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon is two weeks away.   The streets and parks of our fair city are full of runners and wannabes huffing and puffing their way to a PB (personal best).   That includes yours truly, who is once again engaged in my patented one month crash course in preparing myself to run a half marathon.     Today I got up, laced up the New Balances, and ran 10 miles on my usual training route – from my driveway to Walker Ranch Park and back, with lots of little variations along the way to add miles and variety.  Today I did some trail running for the first time, which I really enjoyed.   I also ran back and forth a few times on the elevated bridge over the dry creek bed just to experience the little bounce it provides to my step  – and also because it has that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom feel to it, in which I fully expect armed bandits to swing from the trees at any time to try and steal my sacred Sansa Clip MP3 player.

Speaking of the Sansa, I mentioned last week that running is about three things – will, pain, and the perfect playlist.   The thing I like most about running is the solitude and the intimacy you feel with the music you are listening to.  Over the years I’ve searched the web looking for people’s opinions on the perfect playlist for running.   When you hit the wall, and your legs start feeling heavy and tingling with the twitches of an impending cramp, there is nothing more rejuvenating than the right song starting at the right moment on your carefully crafted playlist.     I listen to music from all decades, but I can’t escape what I am – a guy pushing 50 – which means most of my impactful tunage is from the 70s and 80s.  This period contained the soundtrack for my high school and college daze, and the best of that era rarely failes to pump me up.  So today,  at mile 3 when T Rex’ “Bang a Gong” came on, my mph increased dramatically.   At mile 7, when I got the Clash’s “Clampdown” and the Knack’s “My Sharona” back to back (!) – of course I picked up the pace.  And when I was at mile 9, and beginning that last set of climbs up the many hills between Walker Ranch and my humble abode, U2’s immortal “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” comes on, and the last mile or so just melts into that incredible, anthemic chorus which tells (of course) the story of my life and was written by Bono and the gang just for moi.

Finished in around 1:40, which means I’m averaging 10 minute miles.  Not going to the Olympics anytime soon, but I can live with it.

See ya’ on the road!  Got a date with my latest toy on the back porch – the 3rd generation Amazon Kindle with 3G, which is one of the coolest pieces of single purpose high technology I’ve ever encountered.  Unlike the iPad, it only does one thing (eReading), but she sho’ ’nuff is fine at it…


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