Posted by: wheelywonka | November 14, 2010

2010 San Antonio Marathon Results – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

…Today I participated in my third San Antonio Half Marathon.    As I noted in previous w2 blogs, I did this after a one month training program, which I commenced after completing the Bike MS: Valero Alamo Ride to the River in mid-October.   It was my goal to complete the event in 2 hours or less, which is one of those milestone things half-marathoners strive for.  I had everything going in my favor – very cool weather, a training regime that included three long runs a week (including a 12-miler last week), plus a very enlightening conversation I had with a very experienced runner prior to the event that explained everything I’ve ever wanted to know about running in one quick, bite-sized, 10-minute lesson while waiting in the Porta-Potty line.  (This guy had participated in over 150 marathons, so I listened closely.  His recommendation:  Walk through the water stops instead of trying to run and drink, and stop at every third one regardless of the temperature and how much you think you are sweating.)   I drank 13 glasses of water a day for the last week (which probably doubled the size of my bladder), and refrained from alcohol use for a whole week (this, my friends, was very painful).  In the end, it was a matter of pacing.  I tried to stay on a consistent pace for the duration of the run, but I ran too fast at certain points, which caused me to slow down at others.  Around mile 10 (the traditional half marathon wall), my legs felt a little wobbly, and I was tempted to walk for a few minutes.  But, a quick glance at my Garmin showed that a two-hour finish was within the realm of possibility.  In the last few miles, I tried to increase my pace, but it would only last for a few minutes before I slowed down again.  In the end, I finished at 2:02:34, which was 9 minutes and 12 seconds faster than last year – but, still not the elusive two-hour mark.  Maybe next year…

10750 Peter Ray M 45-49
Half Marathon Start:   Gun 7:17:02     Chip 7:27:45
Splits: 5 Km 10k 7.6 Mi 10 Mi Finish O’All Sex Div
Times: 29:18 58:00 1:08:21 1:32:45 2:02:34 4313 2736 330
Pace: 9:26 9:20 9:00 9:17 9:21      


Here are my 3 year numbers – steady progress, and not bad for a guy who runs one month a year.   I keep saying that when I turn 50 I want to run a full marathon.  That is only a few years away, and is coming up quick.   And yes, I’ll have to train a lot more than a month to get ready for that.

Year Bib Age Chip Delta Overall SexPl DivPl
2008 22221 46 2:14:59   6184 3073 381
2009 12659 47 2:11:46 0:03:13 5133 3031 344
2010 10750 48 2:02:34 0:09:12 4313 2736 330


Finally, I have to give a shout out to my playlist.  I worked on this for hours (which, in hindsight, was time I should have spent running).  I searched the web for recommendations on songs to inspire runners to complete that two-hour half, songs with that 140-160 BPM range that drive every step to meet your target pace.  Plus, I mixed in songs that resonated with me personally for various reasons.  Here’s the playlist I listened to – some oldies, some goodies, but in the end, every song worked and helped me achieve that PB.

Here's the playlist I listened to for 13 miles. The intimate relationship you have with music is one of the things that I truly enjoy about running.

This is data from my Garmin watch showing my pace throughout the run.


At the finish line. Alex was there to show some support from the family. The other side of his sign was inscribed with, "Run faster Pansy!"



  1. Congrats on your time, Jefe! That is one seriously disturbed outfit!!!!

  2. Wow, Peter, I´m really impressed. Great job!! Will have to agree with the person before me though – the outfit thing. Ha-ha!!!! Take care brother.

  3. Glory be, Charlie Brown! That score was terrific!
    Really proud of you, Peter! Love that vest and outfit. . . . I’ll keep moving, too.

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