Posted by: wheelywonka | November 2, 2011

The Worst Place in the World to Train for a Half Marathon

Well, with less than two weeks remaining until the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon, I’ve just returned from a week in North Carolina, including 4 days in Asheville, which I have come to conclude is the absolute worst place in the world to prepare for a running a half marathon, particularly if you are a fan of craft beer like I am.  The reason why?  Well, Asheville is to beer what Napa is to wine – i.e., a veritable Mecca for aficionados of the frothy liquid.   In fact, Asheville was picked the top beer city in all of America for the third year in a row according to Beer City USA, beating out such illustrious grain beverage towns (and personal favorites) as Ft. Collins and Portland.   I went on this trip fully intending to run daily in the crisp mountain air, enjoying the fall foilage while enhancing my aerobic capacity at the higher altitude.  Well, this did not happen.  There was something compelling in the endless sunsets and brilliant fall colors in Asheville that lured me like a siren song to places such as the Thirsty Monk, the Pisgah Brewing Company, the Wedge Brewing Company, and finally the Green Man Brewery – each a cornocopia of dazzling craft brews and funky DIY ambience, and each compelling me to sit and drink for a while.  And, when I wasn’t on the town visiting these amazing places, I was enjoying ales from the Highland Brewing Company on the porch of the Grove Park Inn, enjoying the endless sunsets and misty mountain vistas.

…Well, after a couple days of this, it was time to return home and face the stark reality that I’m either ready for the R&R or I’m not.   I’ll go out running a few times over the next few days, and after that I need to make the command decision – am I ready to do this thang, or do I do the sensible thing and back out and avoid the risk of serious injury.  Hmmm, a question indeed worth pondering as I think back whistfully on my time in beertopia…

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment!

Enjoying the Highland Gaelic Ale at the Grove Park Inn Great Bar

In the Pisgah tasting room

Enjoying an IPA at the Green Man

The Thirsty Monk, now officially my second favorite Belgium beer bar



  1. Beer is Good
    Beer is Good
    I like Beer
    Lets drink Beer…..
    I’m guessing your gonna run RnR and then Drink Some Beer!

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